Home Automation

Home Automation

HomeAutomation. I'm in control. I manage my entire home with ULE

Home Automation can be considered as the connecting of appliances, for the purposes of monitoring and control, using an intelligent network throughout the home.

  • Smart plugs; provides intelligent monitoring and control of electrical appliances connected to standard electrical sockets
  • Consumption Display & Awareness; provides home user the display of the monitored power consumption
  • Lighting Control; provides the user the ability to control lighting in the home from remote control
  • Remote Metering; allows transmission of consumption information of metered energy sources such as gas and electricity from the home to the energy provider
  • White goods / Appliance Control; provides the user the ability to control appliances from remote control, including setting operation timing in off peak tariff periods
  • In-home control displays; provides home user the display to control devices remotely in the home

The benefits of ULE

  • Low energy and low latency wireless networks
  • Better coverage
  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
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