Standard and Certification

The ULE specification was created as an initial cooperation between DECT Forum and ETSI.
The physical layer of ULE makes use of the existing ETSI DECT specification. The technical specification work for the upper part of ULE transport layer has been carried out in ETSI TC DECT, with updates to the following

  • Data Link Control
  • Network Layer
  • Interworking Unit
  • Application Layer Protocol Negotiation

The application layer protocol HAN FUN (Home Area Network FUNctional protocol) covers the following functions:

  • Protocol Defininition
  • Device Definition
  • Device Management

Registration, Binding and Configuration

HAN FUN ensures interoperability for the specificed applications and devices. In addition it supports proprietary extensions where required.

Several Interoperability test events (IOP) took place during the development of the standards to ensure real-life interoperability.

The HAN Fun code is publically available at GitHub.

ULE Certification Program Available

Members of the DECT Forum are invited to submit their ULE products for certification.
Please contact the DECT Forum Secretariat for any questions.

The benefits of ULE

  • Low energy and low latency wireless networks
  • Better coverage
  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
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