Why ULE?

ULE is the simplest and cheapest solution for residential and enterprise environments

ULE is the simplest and cheapest technology solution for the implementation of Home Automation, Security and Climate Control scenarios in residential and enterprise environments.

Today we can assume the install base of DECT telephony is widespread and commonly available in both residential and enterprise environments.

DECT telephony can be available in different forms:
  • Analog: stand-alone DECT base with single or multiple handsets
  • IP: DECT/CAT-iq base integrated into a  Home Access Gateway, with a variety of IP backhaul possibilities e.g. ADSL/Fibre/Cable, in conjunction with single or multiple handsets 


In both cases, the ULE controller can be implemented in the same DECT Base used by the telephony system.

Standard DECT Handsets are the entry level terminals for system control, while a more advanced DECT Handset introduction is suitable for a more user friendly system control.

This multifunctional system implementation with DECT voice capability running in parallel with the data functional can only be achieved by ULE with a clear deployment cost saving and system implementation simplicity.

ULE is the lowest cost of ownership and most suitable technology available on the market for the implementation of Home automation, Security and Climate Control scenarios.

ULE is the best green solution

ULE is a really flexible Ultra Low Energy technology. Due to the low amount of data to be transmitted, node devices power consumption largely depends upon the sleep/awake ratio. The flexibility of the device node latency makes ULE the best suitable technology for battery size/life optimization according to the specific sensor and actuator system requirements.

Furthermore the possibility to share ULE controller and terminals with DECT telephony systems makes ULE the best green solution from many others point of view:

  • Optimized system implementation: fewer devices used for implementation 
  •  Optimized radio link: only requires one DECT radio link with the best household coverage
  • Optimized WEEE: less waste of electronic equipment (devices, power adapters and batteries)

ULE is a green network and it is the best solution in terms of environmentally friendly approach.

ULE is easier to install

ULE solution is easier to install from many points of view:

  • ULE is based on the proven, mature and well established DECT technology
  • ULE can guarantee the best range in the residential environment
  •  DECT has the advantage of a protected interference free frequency spectrum
  •  ULE control network device pairing process is very simple
  •  ULE network supports a very high density of nodes, without any need for repeater
  •  ULE can benefit from the wide experience of DECT installation of large buildings
  •  Voice and SMS communication are natively implemented in the ULE technology
  •  ULE network security is guaranteed by AES-128 encryption
  •  Node devices upgradability is guaranteed over the air by SUOTA protocol

ULE is the best technology choice to guarantee easy installation.

ULE, a native voice and SMS integrated solution

A ULE controller can benefit from easily integrated voice and SMS communication, as commonly available on residential cordless devices.

This makes ULE the best technology choice for Home Automation, Security and Climate Control as it has parallel support for voice and SMS communication.

Any ULE controller, including basic implementation, can easily communicate the network status and alerting conditions via preconfigured voice messages and SMS.

This contributes greatly to the optimized ownership and installation costs.


The benefits of ULE

  • Low energy and low latency wireless networks
  • Better coverage
  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
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