The ULE Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Promoter members who are interested can apply to become an ULE Alliance board member.


Members of the Board

DECT Forum: Andreas Zipp
Synaptics: Ulrich Grote (Chairman)
VTech: Andreas Zipp

ULE Alliance Secretariat

Secretary: Roland Schmidt
Data Protection: Roland Schmidt
Wabernstrasse 40
CH-3007 Bern 

Marketing Working Group

This group actively manages the promotion of the ULE alliance in the area of Home Automation, Security and Climate control and organizes presentations, participation in panel discussions, liaison with research companies, interviews, etc.
Chair: Sylvia Zipp

Technical Working Group

The technical Working Group works on feature profiles, standards together with ETSI and certification programs to guarantee interoperability. 
Chair: Jochen Kilian

Business Working Group

This group works on the ULE technology and Alliance promotion in conjunction with the Marketing Working Group; on the certification program together with the Technical Working Group; ULE Alliance marketing strategy definition, management of liaisons with partner organizations to expand awareness of the ULE Technology and Alliance.
Chair: Ulrich Grote



The benefits of ULE

  • Low energy and low latency wireless networks
  • Better coverage
  • Reliability
  • Cost effective
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